Level 2 Skills require just a little bit more understanding of what we're trying to achieve in Chipping and on The Range. Complete and return each of the Fill in the Blank tests to pass Level 2.


Just like in Level 1, the answers are available through the links for Group Golf Coaching Monthly and Annual Members.

Chipping: Level 2

  • Complete the Short Game Grid (SGG)

  • Identify SGG Club Selection

  • Why do we use the Landing Zone?

  • Fill in the Blank Test

The Driving Range: Level 2

  • Describe Rib to Rib Swing

  • Center Face Contact - Irons

    • Where is the thumbprint?​

  • Center Face Contact - Driver

    • Where is the box drawn?

Short Game Grid.png


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Putting: Level 2


  • 4 ' Star

    • Hole 3 out of 5 putts

  • ​Climb the Ladder

    • ​Hole 3 out of 5 putts

  • ​Large Stock Stroke

    • ​3 out of 5 putts in the
      ​Target Box

  • Ruler to Cup

    • Hole 3 out of 5 putts 

Chipping: Level 2


  • Short Chip

    • 3 out of 5 land in the Landing Zone with solid contact 

  • Long Chip 

    • 3 out of 5 land in the Landing Zone with solid contact​​

The Range: Level 2


  • Rib to Rib Swing     

    • Demonstrate size and tempo without a ball 

    • Evidence of maintaining with a ball

    • Video Link



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