I’m a bad athlete. I even failed PE one year in High School, but I am learning to be a good golfer. Group Golf Coaching is working. I am getting better. When I first started playing I went with some friends and found out I wasn’t very good. I was shooting 130 and having trouble keeping up. Now I shoot in the 90’s almost all the time.

My ball striking has improved. I have a much better idea of the concepts of how to swing my whole body to hit the ball. I used to think that you just stood there flat footed and swipe at it with your hands. Now I know a lot more and as I practice, I continue to get better every day.

The most important thing that I have gotten from Group Coaching is perseverance. I have been a notorious quitter my whole life, if something didn’t come easy I’d can it and move on, but not with golf. I am sticking with this! I am refusing to get discouraged and I am not accepting failure I am going to keep coming and keep working at it and continue to set new goals. I am never going to be satisfied with where I am at. And I know that with the team of instructors here they’ll always be here to help me along the way. 

-- Paul T.

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